Heads Up Display-GPS Speedometer Car Upgrade.

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Heads up Display with no installation! Works off of gps.

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 A2 Universal 3.5 Screen Auto Vehicle GPS HUD Car Head Up Display Speedometers Overspeed Warning Dashboard Windshield Projector

User Manual for Head Up Display

HUD short for Head Up Display.It displays driving datas on the front windshield such as speed on the car front window glass;avoiding drivers unsafety because of watching the instrument while driving.Drivers can read the driving information instantly , and can always keep the best state on the way with HUD.

HUD Main Functions&Features:
1. Available for any car, easy to install, plug and play
2. Screen 3.5 inch HD display
3. Multi-color design makes the screen more abundant and easier to read
4. Nano-technology to eliminate double reflections,more clear.
5. Rich Contents: speed,compass, speed alarm,free switch between km and miles
6. Auto power on/off: HUD start and off with vehicle started and shutdown, effective protection of the car battery;retaining the manual switch mode,more easy to control HUD.
7. Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode,driving without deslumbramiento.

Button Function:
1: Speed
2: Speed icon
3: Satellite signal icon – Searching for the satellite signal, the light flashes
4: Speed unit(km/miles)
5: light-sensor
6: Driving directions icon:west,north,east,south
7: Buzzer icon

Host keys function:

1. USB cable port
2. Power switch
3.Setting button:Three way wave button, short or long press
a.Up button = up motion
b.Ok button = inward button press
c.Down button = down motion

Wave Button Function:
When the dial on the left
1.Vertical long Press 5 seconds: enter into setting menu(menu 1-6), after finish adjustment, vertical long press 5 seconds to save and exit.
2.Short pull up:Increasing parameter values after enter into the menu setting.
3.Short pull down: Decreasing parameter values after enter into menu setting.
4. Vertical Short press: Increasing menu values after enter into menu setting.
5. Long pull down: turn on or off the alarm sound.

Reset setting:
Vertically long press 5 seconds to enter into menu setting, short press for several times to menu 6, short pull down to parameter 1, after adjustment,long press in 5 seconds to save and exit.

Turn on and off the buzzer:
Long pull down the wave button 5 seconds to turn off the buzzer,another 5 seconds to turn on the buzzer.

HUD settings:
Since HUD displays datas receive the satellites from GPS,GPS datas will be a little different with car dashboard datas.At that time,you can enter into menu setting to have a fine adjustment of HUD in order to get the same datas as dashboard.If you  find there is something different with the the dashboard values,please make an adjustment as below:

Enter into menu setting:
Vertically long press in the wave button for 5 seconds to enter into the menu setting,short press in the wave button to increase the menu value,up or down the wave button to increase/decrease parameter value.After adjustment,vertical long press 5 seconds to save and exit.

Menu Parameters Range Adjustment Explanation Default Value Display State
1 Speed 80-120 Speed error:
Up or down the wave button to adjustment  107
2 Over-speed Alarm 10-180 Speed alarm when it reaches 100KM/H ,up or down the wave button to adjust the alarm values 100
3 Over-speed Alarm 10-180 Speed alarm when it reaches 140KM/H ,up or down the wave button to adjust the alarm values 140
4 Brightness Adjustment 0-2 0 for automatic brightness adjustment, 1 is darkest, 2 is brightest  0
5 Speed Unit 0-1 0 for KM / H       1 for MPH 0
6 Reset Setting 0-1 Short press down to parameter 1 then vertically press in 5 seconds to save it 0

Use and installation for reflection film:
Please Note: HUD projects dashboard information on the car front windscreen , because the windscreen is double, which will make double reflection on the windscreen when it works.The double reflection will be different cause of the different windscreen.If you can see clear of the displaying information, then there is no need to use the reflection film. If there is a double image, then please use the reflection film.
First, please put the non-slip mat on the dashboard, and then put HUD on it.Reflection film can be stick to the position right above the HUD position which can reflect host screen to windscreen.

Methods of pasting the film:
1.Spray some water on the place that the film will be pasted on,and then use a dry cloth to clean it;
2.Take off the back side(marked 1) of reflection film,then paste it to the window glass.
3.After you have adjusted the location, you can use a scratch board or something else flat to slick the film and squeeze the water inside out until there is no bubble or water in it.
4.Take off the protection film (marked 2) of the reflection film. If the film cannot display the whole information, please adjust the non-slip mat to move the position.

HUD Specifications:  
working voltage: DC8-18V
Working current :40mA
sleeping current :15mA
Compass precision : ±1°
Speed range: 0-400KM
Real time precision :The same as satellite
Satellite positioning time  Cold start: 30s, hot start: 1s
HUD size :88*53*13mm
12V car charger: 1000mA
HUD weight :40g

Solution for Common Problems

1.HUD screen without any display,and no power
Check the car charger cable if it is tight, pull down repeatedly inserted multiple times, check the HUD switch if it powers on. If there still no display please try another car to test and analyze whether the car cigarette lighter interface is bad, if it is a bad cigarette lighter, please try to connect the cable line to the car battery.

2.No speed ,auto powers off after 5 minutes.
The default auto powers off time is 5 minutes, if there is no speed, HUD will power off after 5 minutes,it built-in vibration switch, as long as there is a slight vibration it will powers on.

3.Inaccurate Speed
When HUD is power on,vertical press the wave button 5 seconds to enter into the menu options, here menu options shows 0,parameter shows 107,up or down the wave button to increase or decrease the value according to the difference until it shows correct one.After adjustment, vertical press in 5 seconds to save it.

4.HUD see not clearly under the sunlight.
Check whether the HUD host protective film is torn,and please stick the reflection film on the windscreen.

5.wrong operation lead to crashes. Or inaccurate datas
Do a reset setting.


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